Day 65- Minor Case of the Sillies

Maybe it’s just because I’m tired. 

Maybe it’s because I’m a weirdo.

Maybe it’s because I have an unfortunate inability to not laugh at poop jokes… (it’s a family thing)

But I seriously find this hilarious:



In case you were thinking that this is where my minor sillies end…

I also can amuse myself for nearly an hour just by Google image searching “Nicholas Cage Meme.”

I really wish I was kidding.

This photo made me laugh uncontrollably for about five minutes. Again, I really wish I was kidding:



And also:



It occurs to me, that I am exactly the by-product of an internet generation. 

I have internalized all this cool kid pop culture knowledge (like really, really, really hating Nickleback) and made it into my personal preferences.

Now normally I would fight against this, but today it’s kind of bringing me joy.

And as one of my really annoying friends keeps telling me, “You gotta enjoy the little things.”

My little things just happen to be Nicholas Cage memes and poop jokes.

Don’t judge.

…And certainly don’t browse my Google search history.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. boredlandia says:

    I love a good poop joke. In fact, later today or tomorrow i plan on having a poop related blog post. Maybe we’re related.

    PS – I now will spend my morning looking up Nicholas Cage Meme’s because I’m still laughing at the two you shared!

    1. Breeness says:

      I hope your Nick Cage search was fruitful. If you’re feeling dangerous there’s also a fascinating amount of time to waste image searching “ermahgerd meme.” :D

      1. boredlandia says:

        ermahgerd that sounds amazing… *runs to google*

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