Day 57- NERF WAR + Picture show


So, as I was saying, I have been absent the past few days because I was planning an all out Nerf gun war for my boyfriend’s 23rd birthday.


It was a surprise- I had pirated his phone’s contact list and invited his friends, drug my creepy friends and loving family along and we ambushed him in the front lawn at my dad’s house. 

It was lovely.


First it started like:



And inside there was:



And then there was:



And also:



So overall it looked like this:



And then after we took off the bag that was over his head, the ear muffs, and the blindfold, we all yelled, “AMBUSH,” and then we all attacked, and I tomb raided like this:



So it was a pretty good day. 

And yes, I did wrap his steampunk Nerf guns in a ukulele box, can you think of a better way to box them?

As a back story to the sign on one of those buckets of darts: my grandparents are actually forming a grandchild army. It’s hard work, but there’s a bonus for signing up. It’s called love. So much of it.

But it’s warm and friendly, kind of like this bag of mayo from my work:



You might drown.



Incidentally, having a Nerf war was one of my 100 goals. Guess who gets to cross something off the list? This weird lady, right here. 


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