Day 52- Drop it Like it’s Hot

I thought I would show some other pictures from my night of exploring the campus grounds. I’ve roamed that campus half a zillion times, but I thought it was worth capturing this time, even on my shitty, camera phone, because I felt inspired. I wrote a motha fucking poem. 

View that monstrosity/poetry of damnation here:

Excuse my language. Sometimes when I get sleepy I divulge into incoherent ‘murican-ness. I also don’t believe I should write poetry, because eh, I’m not really good at it. I fall into cliches like I fall into sarcasm.

So anyway, Here is a picture series for your enjoyment of my campus. I realize this somewhat reduces my anonymity, which is half the joy of having a blog, but hey, campus really is beautiful. It’s one of the few places in the city where I can defuse from all the traffic and idiots; and my somewhat less than benevolent kitchen dictator. (That would be my roommate, by the way, DO NOT fuck with her kitchen.) I’m a little sad because I will be much farther away from it now that I’m moving back home. The good news, is that home has lots of fields, albeit filled with cows, that I can take off and and wander in.

So here we go:



Here are some pictures I took in the spring. Campus is filled with cherry trees: gifts from our sister school in Japan. 



I tend to stay on one side of campus. The other side has dorm life and ugh, the science and mathematics hall. No thank you. 

I realize I may seem to be a nature nut, but I’m really not. When it’s awful and rainy and cold outside, I want to be inside. With hot chocolate. I realize that’s a stereotype of writers and artsy folk, but hey, to thine own self be true.

Now If I have a cat beside me too? Well shit, I’m probably the happiest wrathfully predisposed literary nut you’re ever going to see physically repress the desire to crush the cuteness out of an unsuspecting victim.

That’s rather specific. And we talked about this. 

Here’s a random photo, that I thought was hilarious and has absolutely nothing to do with this posting:

Yes, that’s what everyone must do these days. When the pimps in the crib ma, drop it like it’s hot.
…Just inspect for crabs first.


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