Day 48- Bombs and Crowds

So sometimes I’m naturally inclined to morbidity, and big crowds tend to bring that out in me.

Every time I am stuck in  mass grouping of people, whether it is at a fair, or an airport or a particularly crowded event, I always think to myself, “wouldn’t this just be an excellent place for a bombing?”

And then I get into the logistics of where exactly would be the most effective place to have maximum damage, and how many people approximately affected by it. What kind of shrapnel would be flying through the air? I go on thinking about the variables every couple minutes.

Now, I know next to nothing about bombs, and I of course, would never actually bomb a place. So I’m wondering why on earth I always think about it. Perhaps it’s post 9/11 trauma. But that’s sort of silly, I was only 11 when that happened and I was also in Oregon. I heard about it over the radio.

Anyway, point that I’m making here, is that if you see me in a crowd looking like I’m thinking about something deep, just don’t ask.


Since this was a late posting, expect two updates today. Everything got crazy with Independence Day madness.

Yeah, try stuffing your face with an Elephant ear and curly fries while shoving your way through hundreds of moms with strollers (they do not give a damn, do not get in their way) and at the same time, managing a bomb crises in your head.

What I’m trying to say here, is that I’m ridiculous.


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