Day 46- Something Lighthearted: Decapitated Cats

So since the past two days of blog entries have been a bit heavy, I thought I would talk about something lighthearted.

I’ve been wracking my brain for the past 20 or so minutes thinking, “what the fuck is something lighthearted? Gah?”

Is it possible that I don’t have room in my head for whimsies?


There must be something!

Oh yes, I’m looking for a kitty now that I am moving back home.

Incidentally, I have a small obsession with dead cats.

Now hold on, I don’t mean that I go out and kill cats, or that I delight in the death of kitties, or that I go poke roadkill with sticks and smile warmly to myself; I just mean that cartoon dead cats are like, extremely adorable to me. Also… sometimes really cute things make me grit my teeth in an effort to not try and crush the cuteness out of them. 



Alright then… 

On my shoulder I have a tattoo of a little girl decapitating a cat. 


When I studied abroad in Germany, I spent some time touring the streets of Berlin. Recurring all over the city in various shenanigans were postings of a little girl killing her cat. Apparently she’s based off of a 90’s Czech cartoon. 

However, when I saw her for the first time among the myriad of some seriously rad street art, I knew that something deep within the rotting cavity of my supposed heart’s location, had wormed its way into position. 

Her name is Little Lucy by the street artist El Bocho-  she sits on my right shoulder like a guardian angel.

Now when I returned home, I had a cat for awhile named Piggy. She was an excellent cat: an asshole to everybody, except to me. One time while she was full of ittle kitties, she disappeared for a couple hours. I figured she had finally spawned her brood and so after I while I found her in the garage. 

She had indeed spawned. 

I found her happily curled up, lazily purring in a nest of her half-eaten, dead kitten brood. 

I swear, I’ve never felt more in sync with an animal. 

Unfortunately when I moved out, she disappeared a few months later. 

I hope wherever she is, she is fat and happy, still murdering kittens. 

However, now I would like another cat to share my dystopian world view. 

And if it’s possible, I’d like that cat to stay around for more than 2 years. Losing Piggy was a terrible thing. 

We were kindred spirits. 





I’m swear this picture gets me right in the feels. It’s adorable. 

Artwork by El Bocho:


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