Day 43- One Last Month

So it’s official. 

I am moving back in with my dad. As I always say, should be fabulous. I am also going to finish up my last term of school this fall. Although I know it is going to be rife with stress and fights, I am really looking forward to a.) paying off medical bills and b.) finishing my degree.

I just can’t afford to be stressing out about rent and battling my roommate while working two jobs, taking care of my grandma and going to school. I have been there and it did not end well.


The anxiety from all the change is sort of making me nauseated. I am one of those people who recognizes change as a good thing. Heck, this blog is about changing patterns of my life which I find unproductive. However, there is no small amount of anxiety that change causes me. I hate the transitional process, and while it might be exciting, I still obsess about it until I am sick over it. 

I’m just going to let my natural pessimism take over so I can start feeling better about things. Pessimism is my battle armor, it makes me feel like my knee high doc martens make me feel: All beefed up and bicepy- ready to wade through shit pie or shit people. 


However, I still have one more month as a fully functioning adult not living off of her parent, so I am going to enjoy it as long as I can. And then I am going to get that fucking degree. 

I also think I am going to change up my 100 random goals list. I want to still push myself to do things I normally wouldn’t, but I want everything to be obtainable by the end of Spring 2014. At that point… well I am looking into many things, including teaching English in southeast Asia. Whatever happens to me after graduation, well:

Ugh. Anxiety. 

I need a chill pill. 



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