Day 41- The Customer is Always Annoying

Today was another glorious day at work.

A customer demanded we make him a new order because we put salt on his burger. Unfortunately, there was this little tiny part where he said NOTHING about not wanting salt. 

Yes. We have to pay to make him a new burger because he failed to mention a pretty specific thing about his order. I just love getting to say, “oh I’m so sorry, let’s redo this for you,” when I have to leave out the suffix of “I’m just simply amazed that’s the reaction you thought you’d get.” 

Yes, yes, I work in customer service, so I know the customer is always right. However, in reality, the customer is usually just a testicle for brains. 

I will go above and beyond to correct a situation, especially if I know the fault is on our side, but come on people, stop being rude, inconsiderate assholes. If you didn’t think of something before or during the time we are making your order, you really don’t have any right to expect a free redo. 

This is just bitterness talking. I do try very hard to make sure people get what they want and are happy with their orders. My whole job is to make an experience for other people and I do like to see people enjoy themselves. And then people talk to me like I’m nothing and expect world class service from a person they show no respect for.  

I guess what I’m trying to say here, is that people suck and you really get to confront their suckiness at exasperating levels when you work customer service positions. 

Which is why I think there should be a tip jar for every employee doing customer service whether they are office personnel or the bloody mailman. Yes, yes, I get that they are paid to be there already, but imagine how much friendlier people would be to your stupid ass if they knew they were going to get a bonus for being nice to you! 

I swear this is the perfect plan. 

There are a couple people at the bank I would super tip, and a few that would get a penny.

Guy at the gas station who doesn’t try to have a conversation or creep on me? Super tip!

Lady who processes my physical therapy bill and lets me pay $5 at a time- super tip!

Hey guys that restock my favorite 24 hour grocery store at 2 am and move things around so I can shop. I would totally tip you. You’re awesome. Thanks for making the voyage to the deep dark refrigerator to check for more Dave’s Killer Bread. That shit is delicious. 

I feel like this whole tipping thing could get out of hand.

Like tipping your boss when they aren’t being a complete asshole. “Oh look at you not making a catastrophe of our daily tasks! Who’s a good boy!?” 

It’s basic behavioral modification. I could have really used in my last job. 

I think sometimes when I write this blog, that I come across as a very bitter, spitebitch. And i guess in a lot of ways, I really am. I just want people to think about others before they go off on their tantrums and tirades. Is it really worth a tizzy, to have no salt on your fried food? Whose arteries do you think you’re kidding anyway? 


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  1. Amy Schulz says:

    Well, the whole tipping thing… is almost trying to legislate manners. Wouldn’t work! Especially in today’s society! No, manners have to come from within……and since we are such a vapid, image-oriented society, I just don’t see how that could stand.
    You must have FAITH, Breeness. I know a successful business woman who worked as a waitress, when she was about your age. She said it was challenging, yes. But she also said it taught her sooooo many things, one of them being the ability to read somebody/”size them up” in a short period of time. She said that everybody should work for a time as a waitress/waiter. Try to go at this with a servant’s heart, as our Lord would do. Seriously! Before starting the day, ask Jesus to give you the heart of a servant….because I know from experience that it helps. I truly believe that there will be people who shall notice your attitude….if you go at this with that attitude, you can’t help but win!
    Yes, there will be some asshats…..however, you need to remember what Eleanor Roosevelt said…..”No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.”

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