Day 34- Legitimate Excuses + BAMFs

Unlike the former Senator Todd Akin, I legitimately know how to apply the word “legitimate,” which is why I say to you, that I legitimately have an excuse for ANOTHER late post.

That excuse is that I had no access to a working computer.

I wasn’t going to write much anyway.

So I just wrote down what I thought I’d say and post it as soon as I could. So here goes:
I’m reading Bradbury right now and it sort of feels like George Orwell writing a romance novel. I say romance- not to imply sexual or presexual relations, but more or less to describe a writing style that is super indulgent in diction and syntax. I’m reading of course, “Fahrenheit 451″ and it sort of has that creepy, dreamlike, dystopian vibe to it that was prevalent in Orwell’s”1984;” only Bradbury can really carry on with a sentence.
As with most times that I switch from author to author, I find myself annoyed with the change in writing style. Bradbury’s sentences are so long, and there are so many adjectives and adverbs that I quickly lose sight of what the sentence held promise of being. Not that it’s bad, I’m just flustered trying to make my brain function properly so it can extract a complete thought. The first few chapters I have to read and reread to get the hang of it. I remember taking a class on European Intellectual Thought from the 20th century that made me feel exactly this way. We skipped around from Freud to Einstein to Foucault, etc. Every time I had to relearn how to read. And Freud to Foucault? Well…They’re just not meant to be side by side companions, though I doubt Foucault could be read side by side with any author without burgeoning thought rash. Similarly, Bradbury or romantic Orwell, makes my mind feel like a stretched rubber band.

On that note, I also thought about something cool the other day. My aunt Tweety works as a reading and basic skills specialist for a low income school district. And I just want to say, she is BAMF. Not only are her students improving by leaps and bounds, but she also recently obtained her masters degree after teaching for many years; and she wrote her thesis on expanding IQs. Basically the framework for it, is that people are not born with a set IQ or ability. It seems simple enough, but a lot of it has to do with changing prevailing attitudes in the education system about how to teach low performing students. It has a lot to do with changing the mindsets of students themselves.
It works like this: my brain really isn’t a rubber band because the rubber band has a set potentiality (you can only stretch it so far before it snaps back or breaks). As it turns out- if her studies are scienceful, there is actually no limit on my mental capacity. So a more apt simile would be, my brain is like my nose; it keeps growing until I die. The super wicked thing, besides monstrously sized noses, is that she actually got a scholarship to implement her program at her school and she also was asked to teach teachers about it. That’s pretty cool. I just want my aunt to know that she is one heck of a smart lady pants. No one really talks about it, but they should! It’s awesome!


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