Day 33- Nothing Funny Just a Slump

It’s been a little over a month since I started this project, and it does seem like I have finally hit a wall. My progress in reading was short lived, and now I fight my own resistance to reading- or basically anything else that’s good for me. 

This happens every couple weeks for me. I just start feeling sluggish, depressed and generally unmotivated to do anything. My obligations become too overwhelming, or a general feeling of nihilism settles over me. I’m either in a web of despair or a cloud of indifference. 

I know I need to resume doing what I said I would because it’s good for me; and I know it’s the only way to pull myself out of the slump, but the only thing I can bring myself to do right now is go to work and then come home to sit on my bed.

Every post has felt a half-assed or mean-spirited because I can’t step up my responsibilities.

Well tomorrow is a new day, and I will try my best to follow through.

Until next time,



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