Day 31- Vagina Probes

You think this title is invasive?

Try a transvaginal ultrasound.

That’s what I get to have done to me for the 5th? time tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, I do actually have a legitimate medical reason for needing one. (Isn’t it miraculous, my body has no need for the God-Fearing Prenatal Patrol to legislate it!) I have the ovaries of riot and disrepair. Also and unfortunately, when you have cysts, the procedure is not painless as people have claimed. It’s uncomfortable, awkward, and at times pretty painful.

I really thought that perhaps this was not the most appropriate thing to talk about, and that maybe I should write about something a little classier, or less risque… and then it occurred to me, that the only reason I was uncomfortable talking about it is because I was afraid how people would react to me having- and talking about- a vagina. 

As if it’s some sort of dirty secret. 

Fuck that. (Metaphorically, of course.) 

Down with Patriarchy!

Here, read this article on loathsome vaginal probes:

And also:

That is all,


feminist fist


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