Day 27- Piss and Vinegar

I am really fighting a heavy sedation against writing right now. It’s taking all the piss and vinegar out of me. 

I’m not sure why it’s such a pain, other than I can’t find anything to write about. I guess this means I will just make up some new alliterations. Lucky you, anonymous Reader! 

Before we begin, let me just say, I’m really sorry. I really want to hold up my end and read those books, but… I must defeat myself first. 


Round One Alliterations: Things You Can Call Republicans and Their Party

1.Preposterous Proponents of Planned Parenthood

2. Bumbling Bourgeois 

3. Misogynistic Misanthropes 

4.Obligation to Oil Organization

5. Prenatal Patrol

6. Armed Action Adherents 

7.Barmy Border Bridle Believers

Round Two: Things You Can Call Democrats and Their Party

1. Asinine Abolitionists of the Arms Amendment

2. Prince of Peace Posse Persecutors

3. Habitual Handout Horde

4. Intersexual Indoctrinators

5.  Abortion Aficionados 


Can you tell I’m a Democrat? …It was much more fun to make up names about my own party than the Republican party. None of these are my actual opinions mind you, I’m just alliterizing insults about each party because, I really feel like the world needs higher class insults than “idiot” or “stupid.”  I felt really uninspired about Republican names though. Perhaps I will try again later? Either way, please use for your own amusement. 

Isn’t “Armed Action Adherents” a much lovelier way to say “war mongers?” 

Isn’t “Prince of Peace Posse Persecutors” much better than “devil devotees?” Wait a minute… I think I’m on to something here.

And I may be wrong here, but:

Isn’t “Abortion Aficionados” significantly better than “baby killers?” I mean, it sounds positively lovely. Like a spot of afternoon tea with your deep appreciation for fetus expulsion. Like abortion comes in all sorts of colors of flavors! “Oh yes, I don’t just support abortion, I’m an aficionado… what kind of abortion would you like to try today!?


One Comment Add yours

  1. Amy Schulz says:

    Acme Abortion: You rape ’em, we scrape ’em. No fetus can beat us.

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