Day 26- More Fry Grease! and Other Inspiring Combinations of Words

I am getting really good at not accomplishing things. I got called into work so I didn’t get anything done. I am swimming in piles of laundry. They were once sorted piles of good and evil. 

Now I’m afraid my gym socks have mixed in with the whole lot of them.

Swimming is really such a beautiful way of saying, “trampling and tripping over them because the hampers have come undone. 

This is becoming somewhat frustrating. My schedule changes every week. One day I think I’m free, the next day, of course I’m not! Silly me!

For pete’s sake. I’m not doing anything important. How do I stay so busy?

I am making it a goal though to someday see my desk. 

How to people stay so neat and tidy?

Tomorrow I work both jobs. So fry grease and guns n’ roses. 

That’s an inspiring bunch of words. -.-


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