Day 20- Off Kilter

This is a very late update, but regardless, it must be done. Also click away now if you don’t like blog entries entirely made up of expostulation. 



It was a work day…and…

I am finding that my temper is pretty terrible when dealing with people who can’t decide which cheese they would prefer. My god man! It’s cheese! This is not life or death.

..I am also irritated by people who find the choice between romaine and iceberg lettuce confusing. Surely death cometh swiftly to the ill chooser of a scrap of lettuce! 

My favorite is when people change their orders after it’s nearly finished. 


You don’t get to be a hat of ass. Sit back down! 

So apparently, I’m not meant for customer service. 

I also hope I get the hang of this job before I lose it. Shit. 

Every day is a new ponderous passel to contend with. And let me clarify, there are fat people who come through that are perfectly well behaved, smart individuals who know what kind of cheese they want. It’s the weird side grouping of commodious whales, with their mouths open and gaping who can’t decide for five minutes if the large fry will be enough to share. Well if it isn’t honey, just order another one. 


I’m also discovering a hate of young, pretty women. They never tip, and for some reason they have some affinity for strawberry milkshakes when I’m in the middle of making 4 other shakes. Interestingly, their boyfriends usually always tip, unless they’re one of those ball cap with the sticker wearing, baggy pants, gangster wannabes. 

Don’t even get me started on face tattoos.

Now, I realize that my whole job revolves around customer service, but I just wish people could clean up their act a little bit.

I guess what I’m learning overall, is that I’m a very judgmental person. I should probably work on that.

In the meantime world, please, stop being so doucehy. 


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