Day 11- Keep Ya Head Up

I finished Alice Walker’s, “The Color Purple.”

There are words I have. 

“Wow,” and “Goddamn” 

It is beautifully wrapped up. 

I really don’t want to give away how the book ends to anybody who hasn’t read it though. However, I do feel a lot better about the text than I did before. Yesterday was pretty frustrating, trying to think of ways to talk about it. 

There was a very heavy spiritual aspect to the last half of the book, but I felt it was very compassionate, especially after you see the suffering of Celie so intensely. There was also  more presence to her sexuality. I guess it goes hand-in-hand though. As the story goes on, Celie is given knowledge and power to change her situation. For her character the breaking point is when she discovers that Albert had been keeping Nettie’s letters from her all along; I think this is where fear falls apart because nothing more can be taken from her. Her sexuality is almost a sigh of relief, like a person finally becoming who they were meant to be. Men are frogs to her, and she won’t have another one. 


I am guessing that is one of the reasons why this book is actively banned. Besides the rape, the domestic abuse, slavery, etc, Celie seems to be a lesbian. In addition, there are also some issues of race and religion. 

However, Walker has such well-rounded characters that grow a lifespan in only a couple hundred pages. Emotions are tense and vivid. 

Yes, horrible things happen in this book.

But some pretty wonderful stuff happens too.

I thought about this book all day, just waiting to read it. 




I am happy to report that I am moving along pretty well with this banned book list. I still don’t know how long things are going to take me because my work schedule changes every week- and things with my grandma change every week, but I am enjoying things so far. I am almost at the two week mark.  I still can’t believe I’m keeping up with this. 

I am actually reading 100 banned books. This is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time. And I know I have a pretty tiny audience,  but it still amazes me that people will take time out of their day to read a random entry from me. It makes me feel like there is some stability in my life and sense of order.- sort of like I’m reporting back to the master pilot.  

My life is changing, slowly, but hopefully in a direction that doesn’t suck. I am almost ready for a new direction. Today was the same ol’  same ol’ though. Boss at my first job messing up all the time. His name is now a verb that means you’ve made an ass of yourself or made a stupid mistake. I do feel bad for him, but what can I do when I want to  strangle him with the telephone cord? 

I am learning from his mistakes though. It is always better to fess up to things you mess up, then try to hide from them. Word gets around, everybody knows and then any authority you had is repugnant. I just want him to do his job right. He’s a nice guy, why can’t he not suck at his job?


Tonight seems like a good night for a lemon drop martini. …Only every Monday night seems like a good night for any martini. And I haven’t learned how to make one yet. I settled for a porter and steak. 

Will I ever will myself to the gym?

Instead, I think I will look over my goal list and see what I can work on, update my book list.  Maybe funny things will happen tomorrow.

Incidentally, I’m facing a mild obsession with Tupac right now. His later stuff mostly, although “Ambitionz az a Ridah,” is just touching. 

Bis bald,



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