Day 5- Meat Grinder and World War II

So today was a relatively productive day. 

I paid for my liquor license and got groceries (thanks to my tax refund) and went to work at my first job. At work I fixed 3 problems that my boss had created. That’s not new, he always creates problems. 

I even had bathroom duty and got everything done before the store was completely shut down. Miracles.My coworkers helped me though. They understand about our idiot boss. 

And as far as Vonnegut goes, I got through chapter 3. Not moving as fast as would like, and I’m also updating this late. Still counts! I am learning that updating by midnight might not always be possible. 

As for “Slaughterhouse-five,” Vonnegut’s style is very informative, like a journalist. This and then this and this. As if his fiction were just a cold assembly of the facts. I’m not sure I really like that because it is somewhat abrasive, and most novels try to pull you in. 

He creates characters that are difficult to attach emotion to. They don’t fit right, but I suppose they are his own, original. 

On that note, I should try to read without something playing in the background. This time it was “Buffy” season 6. Buffy is getting real with Spike. But besides all the steaminess, I really admire the strength and sheer awesomeness of her character. And fiction or not, when you see the hero doing the same god-forsaken job you have, it’s kind of comforting. I should work on being a bad-ass in my off hours. On the other hand, the one thing TV does not show about suck jobs, is the relationships you build with people who are in the same hell. 

One thing Vonnegut does is take beliefs like that and put them on their head. It feels very lonely in this book. 

I need to go to sleep. It’s almost 4 am. 

Buffy is making me feel sad. Episode 13. I feel like she does.

Thanks Joss Whedon. 





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