Fracking Random 100


So here is my list of 100 things to do while I’m trying to figure out what it is that I’m supposed to do. This isn’t my bucket list, but things that I can accomplish with limited funds while I’m trying to get my life in order. I will update my blog as I accomplish them, along with my reading of 100 banned books. This list is totally random, as you will come to see, but manageable. Every thing is something I can accomplish within the next year operating on my minimum wage budget. Well, except for maybe paying off my medical bills. I am certainly going to try though. I am also not going to put a time limit on when I am supposed to do all this because I really want to focus on reading those 100 banned books first. I can only do so much after all. This should help cut down on my random internet time though. Yay usefulness? Some of theses things I have taken from other life lists I have seen on the interwebs and some of them are completely made up by me or one of my friends. Regardless, it was all put together in the past four hours. So here goes.

At the bottom I have included a link for the song I’ve been jamming to tonight. It’s a bit retro and the actual video is a bit sexist and dumb, so I’m just going with the lyric video. Enjoy!

1. Go to Slice of New York Pizza dressed as Raphael the TMNT and eat pizza.

2. Learn how to play “I Believe in a Thing Called Love,” by The Darkness on my beautiful guitar, Louie.

3. Make a response video to Jenna Marbles.

4. Sing “99 Luftballoons,” auf Deutsch, without looking at the lyrics for a full karaoke crowd.

5. Do Viveca Jansen’s “Piloxing” workout all the way through- even the ab section.

6. Go to a Latin or swing dancing club.

7. Fix that red dress I bought a year ago and never fixed for my upperness.

8. Hit up the vintage store on Commercial.

9. Wear the pearls my grandmother gave me for an evening

10. Nerf gun war!

11. Graduate mother effing college.

12. Fix my knee-high doc martens

13. Convince a DJ to play Blackstreet’s “No Diggity.” Dance off.

14. Do something fucking awesome on Halloween.

15. Do something fucking awesome for New Year’s Eve.

16. Get a new job   05/19/13
*Ahem update: Get a new job that I don’t hate.

17. Keep my room organized

18. Write a collection of short stories

19.  Ride a motorcycle

20. Do a marathon

21. Somehow miraculously find a way to pay off all my medical bills

22. Dress like a superhero for a day

23. Surprise someone with a gift, however small, once a month.

24. Make a work of art.

25. Learn how to make a sushi roll

26. Buy a ukulele (My old one broke)


27. Complete this list

28. Blog for 100 days

29. Take ugly and awful “couples pictures” with Dana to horrify and provoke loved ones.

30. Audition for a play or musical

31. Sky Dive

32. Watch a play at a professional theatre

33. Volunteer

34. Go a week without complaining

35. Send gay porn to the West Boro Baptist Church

36. Use my airbrush

37. Quit eating fried foods for a couple of months

38. Write a song

39. Have a conversation in German

40. Take Dana on a date- pay for everything

41. Pull off a completely righteous prank

42. Write a letter to future self

43. Quit a bad habit

44. Write a children’s book (have Ducky illustrate)

45. Light a Chinese lantern and send it off

46. Visit every second hand book store in my favorite coastal town

47. Restore the cameras I am borrowing from my aunt

48. Do a pin-up shoot

49. Plant a willow tree on the family farm

50. Go to a movie by myself

51. Buy stock in something

52. Learn how to make a bomb-ass lemon drop martini

53. Learn how to make bomb-ass spicy hot wings

54. Sponsor a child abroad

55. Go to a religious service of a religion I am not familiar with

56. Take a class just because I’m interested in the subject

57. Learn the Thriller dance all the way through

58. Do a perfect cartwheel

59. Go to a good showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show as Magenta

60. Make an audio book

61. Go Rollerskating again

62. Test for my brown belt

63. Go to the biggest nearby art museum

64. Write a letter to an author telling them I’ve read their work

65. Have a family photo taken before my sister’s wedding

66. Have a Disney movie marathon

67. Find my perfect shade of red lipstick

68. Write a letter to a celebrity

69. Do 5 pull-ups

70. Go see the Blue Man Group (again)

71. Start a savings fund for my nephew

72. Send a secret to post secret

73. Memorize 3 works of poetry

74. Start a savings fund for me and Dana

75. Get a tattoo of something I love

76. Go to one of dad’s games or matches he is coaching

77. Make a recipe book

78. Write my bucket list and with pomp and circumstance

79. Outshine Dana in karaoke

80. Write a letter to my mom

81. Write a letter to my Grandpa

82. Give my Papa a spoon

83. Make a custom t shirt for someone

84. Start a food or mud fight

85. Leave an outrageous tip

86. Attempt to make a recurve bow. (Or at least get one and learn how to shoot it)

87. Finish “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” series

88. Be in my sister’s wedding

89. Perform for an event

90. Watch a full-length opera

91. Practice meditation

92. Make a knight hoodie

93. Shoot off a mini-canon

94. Learn a staff form in TKD

95. Make graffiti

96. Donate my books to someone who needs them

97. Write a feminist blog entry

98. Celebrate the accomplishments of a friend

99. Take a long, starlit walk

100. Send a package full of ‘Murica to my friend in Portugal


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