Day One- What the flock am I Doing?

For all intents and purposes, today was a very regular, boring day.

I wonder how many regular, boring days I will have to take advantage of. Should I be grateful for such a seemingly peaceful existence? I’m not a very peaceful person. People annoy me. 

Anyway, today started out like this. 

I awoke from slumber like Cthulhu the Eldritch horror, perhaps less tentacle-y, but rather death-like all the same. I’m not a pretty sight for morning eyes or breath. I had an interview at a burrito restaurant that shall remain nameless for now. However, I am a little surprised they wanted to interview me. On my application they asked why I thought I would be a good fit and I said I had a “serious affection for burritos.” Which is true, by the way. I really do.

Anyway, my interviewer was a very lovely person and since she was such a sweetheart, I’ll probably continue eating at this place even if they don’t hire me. (Hopefully it will be more awkward for them rather than for me.) (“Yes hi, you didn’t hire me, but I will be here weekly anyway because your burritos are fabulous. STOP JUDGING ME.”) 


Anyway, my interview lasted a grand total of 20 minutes, and I will find out tomorrow if I get a second interview or not. I do hope I get it. I had an interview last week for an inbound call-center position. They liked me well enough, I’m just pretty sure I would hate the job. I don’t want to do soul-sucking work for the rest of my life. Sheesh.


This is turning into  a lot of whining. 


So yeah. Then I came home and went to sleep for awhile then I got up and went to work at my current soul-sucking job. It was soul-sucking. 

This all implies I have a soul which is endangered by minimum wage work, but in all honesty, sometimes I rather doubt it. I am far too hateful of a person. 

Sometimes I feel like I would be less hateful of a person if facebook wasn’t a thing. And you might say, “well hey there, since you obviously hate it, don’t get on it,” but that’s logical and if you remember, we discussed my certain proclivity for avoidance of that. *sigh*

Here’s the thing, people’s political platforms are annoying. It’s not so much what they believe as why they believe it. And I know I’m not saying anything new here, but I just get so fracking annoyed at the dumb things people say. I think politics are important because they affect us all- in our daily, waking life! Unfortunately, people are dumb and they share those stupid ideas via stupid captioned photos and expect to sway others to their dumb opinions via dumb captioned photos. Redundant. 

It’s very frustrating for a naturally hateful person like myself.

Anyway. I have been siderailed. (Sounds slightly pornographic, but I’m actually just distracted.)


AAAAAnyway, today was supposed to be the day I start my 100 banned books. And I’m actually moving forward with that, though I’m not going to do it in any particular order. For those who are possibly interested, the list I am working off of can be found here:

I am starting with “the Slaughterhouse-Five” even though I have already read it. That’s going to be my general rule for this: read em even if I have already read em. Then I will talk about it here, or not, depending on my mood. Considering that my everyday life is not that interesting I will probably talk about them a lot. 

And for the sake of transparency, today I will also list my list of 100 weird goals. Hopefully as I go along I will be able to take note of what I’m actually accomplishing. Who knows, maybe I will actually do something and not suck at it.

For anybody reading this, wondering why on earth I am wasting precious cyberspace with my daily antics and quest for meaning, um, I don’t know. I just am. I am 23, of lower economic stature and in between college courses, work and life. What the hell else do you expect me to do? 

Now I am going to post this bloody thing before midnight, follow it up with my 100 goals and then I am going to try to force myself to endure the gym. Mamma don’t got an ass like a donkey, like a monkey, look like King Kong. I need to do some mother effing squats. 

*note: I’m not a fan of Pitbull anymore than a fan of Ke$ha. 



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